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Drugs - White gold




Chapter 1

1-1 Drugs
1-1a Etymology
1-1b Medication
1-1c Spiritual and religious use
1-1d Smart drugs and Designer drugs
1-1e Recreational drug use

1-2 Cocaine
1-2a Medical
1-2b Recreational
1-2c Oral
1-2d Coca leaf
1-2e Insufflation
1-2f Injection
1-2g Inhalation
1-2h Suppository
1-2i Adverse effects
1-2j Acute
1-2k Chronic
1-2ka Side effects of chronic cocaine use, Cocaine hydrochloride
1-2kb Addiction
1-2l Pharmacology
1-2la Pharmacodynamics
1-2lb Pharmacokinetics
1-2m Chemistry
1-2ma Appearance
1-2n Forms
1-2na Salt
1-2nb Base
1-2nc Crack cocaine
1-2nd Coca leaf infusions
1-2ne Biosynthesis
1-2nf N-methyl-pyrrolinium cation
1-2ng Robert Robinson’s acetonedicarboxylate
1-2nh Reduction of tropinone
1-2ni Detection in body fluids
1-2nj Europe
1-2nk United States
1-2o History
1-2oa Discovery
1-2ob Isolation and naming
1-2oc Medicalization
1-2od Today, cocaine has a very limited medical use
1-2oe Modern usage
1-2p Society and culture
1-2pa Legal status
1-2pb Australia
1-2pc United States
1-2pd Interdiction
1-2pe Economics
1-2pf Synthesis
1-2pg Trafficking and distribution
1-2phCaribbean and Mexican routes
1-2pi Chilean route
1-2pj Techniques
1-2pk Sales to consumers
1-2pl Consumption

1-3 Who are the players according to the media?
1-3a The top drug lords EVER
1-3aa Getty Joaquin Guzman / El Chapo
1-3ab Frank Lucas
1-3ac Manuel Noriega
1-3ad Jonathan Almanza-Orejuela and Jose Santacruz-Londono
1-3ae Osiel Cardenas Guillen
1-3af Ismael Zambada Garcia
1-3ag Pablo Escobar
1-3ah Curtis ‘Cocky’ Warren
1-3ai Amado Carrillo Fuentes
1-3aj ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross
1-3ak Griselda Blanco
1-3al Maria Teresa Osorio de Serna
1-3b More information about the top drugs lord around the world
1-3ba Pablo Escobar
1-3bb Early life
1-3bc Criminal career Cocaine distribution
1-3bd Rise to prominence
1-3be Established drug network
1-3bf Plata o plomo
1-3bg Palace of Justice siege
1-3bh Height of power
1-3bi La Catedral prison
1-3bj Search Bloc and Los Pepes
1-3bk Death
1-3bl Personal life, Family and relationships
1-3bm Properties
1-3bn Aftermath of his death
1-3bo Virginia Vallejo’s testimony
1-3bp Role in the Palace of Justice siege
1-3bq Relatives
1-3br Hacienda Nápoles
1-3c An article in one of our newspapers
1-3d Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (El Chapo)
1-3da Joaquín Guzmán
1-3db Early life
1-3dc Initial stages in organized crime Juan José Esparragoza Moreno
1-3dd Conflict with the Tijuana Cartel: 1989–1993
1-3de Exodus and arrest
1-3df First arrest: 1993
1-3dg Drug empire
1-3dh Methamphetamine
1-3di First escape, runaway and manhunt, and second arrest. First escape: 2001
1-3dj First runaway and manhunt: 2001–2014 Mexican Cartel Wars
1-3dk Relations to the Beltrán Leyva Cartel. Guzmán’s lieutenant Alfredo Beltrán Leyva (arrested)
1-3dl First manhunt
1-3dm Second arrest: 2014
1-3dn Reactions
1-3do Charges and imprisonment
1-3dp Second escape, runaway and manhunt, and third arrest. Second escape: 2015
1-3dq Second runaway and manhunt: 2014–2016. Initial Mexican reactions
1-3dr Manhunt and investigation
1-3ds Colombian assistance
1-3dt Third arrest: 2016
1-3du Reactions
1-3dv Extradition proceedings
1-3dw Personal life and family involvement into criminal activities
1-3e Maria Teresa Osorio De Serna
1-3ea Colombia Maria Teresa Osorio de Serna
1-3f InSight Crime Analysis
1-3g Zhenli Ye Gon
1-3ga Zhenli Ye Gon
1-3gb U.S. case against Ye Gon
1-3gc Mexican Case. Ye Gon on the Sinaloa Cartel hierarchy in early 2008
1-3gd Assets seized. Part of the currency seized during the raid
1-3ge Origins of the money
1-3gf In pop culture

1-4 Reviewed

Chapter 2
The use and experience of drugs

2-1  Carlos Castaneda
2-1a Early life
2-1b Career
2-1c The interviewer wrote:
2-1d Death
2-1e Castaneda’s companions
2-1f Reception

2-2 The drug use in the old days

2-3 Drug use in the present time

Chapter 3

3-1 The film Colonia Dignidad
3-1a Colonia Dignidad 
3-1b Protesters asking for justice in 2015
3-1c History
3-1d Problem observed
3-1e Secret detention camp
3-1f “Bundesnachrichtendienst” assistance
3-1g Democratic Transition
3-1h Life under Shäfer leadership
3-1i Accusations of atrocities     
3-1ia Child molestation
3-1j Torture
3-1ja Families of disappeared people
3-1k Member abuse
3-1l Weapons violations
3-1m Nazi ties
3-1n Legal Proceedings

3-2 Clubs, sects and communities

Chapter 4

4-1 The organization (s)
4-1a Follow the money

4-2 How Can We Stop Drug Trafficking When It’s The CIA that’s Running the Show
4-2a Article one
4-2aa 1947 to 1951, FRANCE
4-2ac 1973-80, AUSTRALIA
4-2ad 1970s and 1980s, PANAMA
4-2ae 1980s, CENTRAL AMERICA
4-2af 1980s to early 1990s, AFGHANISTAN
4-2ag MlD-1980s to early 199Os, HAITI
4-2ba Article two
4-2ca Article three
4-2cb Global Research, May 2005
4-2cc “Operation Containment“
4-2cd United Nations’ Coverup
4-2ce History of the Golden Crescent Drug trade
4-2cf Narcotics: Second to Oil and the Arms Trade
4-2cg Wholesale Prices of Heroin in Western Countries
4-2d Retail Prices
4-2da US
4-2db UK
4-2dc The Hierarchy of Prices
4-2dd The Global Proceeds of the Afghan Narcotics Trade
4-2e The Share of the Afghan Heroin in the Global 
4-2ea Drug Market
4-2eb The Laundering of Drug Money
4-2ec The Afghan drug economy is “protected” 
4-2f Table 1

4-3 What’s even more to write

Chapter 5

5-1 The absolute core
5-2 Talk too much, death
5-3 Lady Diana
5-3a Signature
5-3b Early life
5-3c Education and career
5-3d Marriage to the Prince of Wales
5-3e Engagement and wedding
5-3f Children
5-3g Problems and separation
5-3h Divorce
5-3i Public life
5-3ia Public appearances
5-3ib Charity work and patronage
5-3j Areas of work
5-3ja Leprosy
5-3jb HIV/AIDS
5-3jc Landmines
5-3jd Homelessness
5-3je Cancer
5-3jf Mental illness and drug abuse
5-3k Personal life after divorce
5-3l Death
5-3m Conspiracy theories, inquest and verdict
5-3n Tribute, funeral, and burial
5-3o Later events
5-3p Legacy
5-3q Memorials
5-3r My comment 
5-3s What Princess Diana Knew – The Official Resistance
5-3t Note

5-4 Elizabeth II
5-4a Queen Elizabeth II 
5-4b Early life
5-4c Heir presumptive
5-4d Second World War
5-4e Marriage and family
5-4f Reign
5-4fa Accession and coronation
5-4fb Acceleration of decolonisation
5-4fc Silver Jubilee
5-4fd 1980s
5-4fe 1990s
5-4ff Golden Jubilee
5-4fg Diamond Jubilee and beyond
5-4g Public perception and character
5-4h Finances
5-4i Titles, styles, honours and arms
5-4ia Titles and styles
5-4ib Arms
5-4j Note

5-5 The “illegal” Orange
5-5a Dutch royal house
5-5b Current members Dutch Royal Family
5-5ba Loss of membership
5-5c Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
5-5ca Early life Queen Wilhelmina in the 1890s
5-5cbTitles, styles, and honours. Royal Monogram
5-5cc Honours
5-5d Juliana of the Netherlands
5-5da Titles, styles, honours, awards and arms. Titles
5-5db Honours
5-5dc Awards
5-5e Beatrix of the Netherlands
5-5ea Titles, styles, honours and arms
5-5eb Arms
5-5ec Escutcheon
5-5ed Banner
5-5ee Previous versions
5-5ef Issue
5-5f Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
5-5fa Early life and education
5-5fb Titles, styles, honours and arms
5-5fc Military rank
5-5fd Qualifications
5-5fe Honours
5-5ff Awards

5-6 The Truth
5-6a Dutch Cocaine Factory
5-6aa History
5-6ab World War I
5-6ac Controlled substances
5-6ad Later years
5-6ae It is conspicuous

5-7 Drugs, the magic word
5-7a Slot

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